The conference "Personal names and Cultural reconstuctions" is organized by the project “Personal name systems in Finnic and beyond: Reconstructing the concepts of name giving in cultural layers of prehistory" (funded byThe Academy of Finland).

The main organisers are:

Research team

Terhi Ainiala

Terhi Ainiala, docent, university lecturer
The project leader Terhi Ainiala has notable expertise in theoretical and methodogical questions in onomastics likewise in questions connected to onomastic research materials and interviews (e.g. Ainiala et al. 2012). During her research career, Ainiala has concentrated on theoretical onomastic issues and especially on sociolinguistic onomastics, sosio-onomastics. Her research topics have included the knowledge and use of names, as well as the variation and change in names. She is also the supervisor of Olga Karlova’s PhD project.

Terhi Ainiala, Denis Kuzmin, Jaakko Raunamaa, Janne Saarikivi and Johanna Virkkula.