Keynote lecture by Denis Duboule, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Thursday October 15th, 11-11:45 EEST

Long-range gene regulation at Hox loci in embryos and pseudo-embryos

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EMBO Keynote lecture by Elly Tanaka, Vienna IMP, Austria
Wednesday October 14th, 11-11:45 EEST

Limb regeneration as a system to understand growth, scaling and patterning,

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Adhesion and polarity signaling in shaping epithelial barriers
Carien Niessen, Univesity of Cologne, Germany
Thursday October 15th, 11:50-12:15 EEST

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HOX-PBX complexes generate the DNA context for WNT signaling response and the acquisition of the presomitic mesodermal fate
Elisabetta Ferretti, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Wednesday October 14th, 12:15-12:40 EEST

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Shear forces drive precise patterning in the inner ear
David Sprinzak, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Thursday October 15th, 12:15-12:40 EEST

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Deconstructing the principles of mammary gland branching morphogenesis
Marja Mikkola, University of Helsinki, Finland
Wednesday October 14th, 14:30-14:55 EEST

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François Spitz, University of Chicago, USA
Wednesday October 14th, 15:25-15:50 EEST

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How to build a vascular network; live imaging and other approaches in the zebrafish help to get more insight
Markus Affolter, Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland
Wednesday October 14th, 11:50-12:15 EEST

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Actin based protrusions interact with tricellular junctions to guide single cell intercalation into mucociliary epithelium
Jakub Sedzinski, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Thursday October 15th, 14-14:25 EEST

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Drosophila - a model for studying local and systemic responses to tissue injury
Ditte Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Thursday October 15th, 16-16:25 EEST

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An ID1-bHLH transcription factor network regulates epidermal differentiation
Maria Genander, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday October 14th, 16:30-16:55 EEST

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Sequential neurogenesis of functionally distinct neuronal clusters in habenula
Emre Yaksi, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Wednesday October 14th, 17:50-18:15 EEST

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Morphogen gradient formation
Alex Schier, University of Basel, Switzerland
Thursday October 15th, 17:10-17:35 EEST

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