Nordic meeting on Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration

Nordic meeting on Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration
14th-15th OCTOBER, 2020
14th-15th OCTOBER, 2020


The second Nordic meeting on Development, Stem Cells, and Regeneration will be organized as a WEBINAR. The meeting is open for everybody and organized jointly by the Swedish Developmental Biology Organisation (SWEDBO), The Finnish Society for Developmental Biology (FSDB), and Scandinavian researchers.

The program will run from 11 am on Wednesday 14th - until 6 pm on Thursday October 15th (Time zone EEST/Helsinki) 2020 and includes keynotes and invited presentations as well as short talks selected based on submitted abstracts. Registration and abstract submission will open August 1st.  
Deadline for abstract submission is September 15thand for registration,  October 1st.

Plenary speakers: Denis Duboule (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and EMBO Keynote lecture by Elly Tanaka (Vienna IMP, Austria)

Invited speakers: Carien Niessen (University of Cologne, Germany), Elisabetta Ferretti (DanStem, University of Copenhagen, Denmark), David Sprinzak (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Marja Mikkola (University of Helsinki, Finland), François Spitz (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France), Markus Affolter (Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland), Jakub Sedzinski (DanStem, University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Ditte Andersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Maria Genander (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden), Emre Yaksi (NTNU Trondheim, Norway), Alex Schier (Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland)

Registration Fees
50€/500 SEK, includes one year membership for either FSDB or SWEDBO societies, and is due October 1st 2020.


Organizing committee
Satu Kuure, Pekka Katajisto, Sara Wickström (FSDB), Sara Wilson, Ulrika Marklund, Claudio Cantù, Henrik Boije, Ruth Palmer, Mattias Mannervik (SWEDBO), Elke Ober, Palle Serup (Denmark), Luiza Ghila, Fabian Rentzsch (Norway)

Practical information
The meeting will be organized as a Zoom webinar. After payment of the registration fee including FSDB or SWEDBO membership participants will receive access to the webinar via e-mail a few days before the meeting. We remind participants to mute their microphones during the talks. For questions to the speakers, we ask you to use the chat function. You can submit your question already during the talk and the session chair will inform you when it’s your time to ask your question. Please use your full name as your screen name. Any recording of the talks is strictly forbidden.