Below is the provisional programme for the conference. For registration, please follow the "registration" link at the top of this website.



Session 1 (Chair: Rick Bonnie)

9.00 Introduction (organizers)

9.30 Keynote Gabriel Moshenska (University College London): "Us versus them: what can we learn from protests and conflicts in community archaeology?"

10.15 Coffee/tea break

10.40 Licia Proserpio, Federico Zaina (University of Bologna) and Giulia Scazzosi (Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, Milano): "Local Voices on Heritage: Exploring Perceptions of Archaeological Sites in Southern Iraq"

11.10 Mahmoud Mohamed (Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt): "Abydos, the local community and archaeology"

11.40 Iman Saca (Saint Xavier University, Chicago): "Al Zubarah - the pearl of Qatar through the eyes of its people"

12.10-14:00 Lunch

Session 2 (Chair: Suzie Thomas)

14.00 Keynote Paula Kouki (City of Hamina / University of Helsinki): "Which Community, Whose Archaeology? What constitutes 'community archaeology' in Finland"

14.45 Eeva Raike, Sanna Saunaluoma and Hanna Henttinen (University of Turku): "3D local history: community archaeology at the Reposaari rock carving site"

15.15 Ilari Aalto (Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum): "Enthusiasm and engagement: urban excavations and community archaeology"

15.45 Coffee/tea break

16.10 Cara Jones and Phil Richardson (Archaeology Scotland): "Community-led intervention = sustainable community archaeology? Archaeology Scotland’s adopt-a-monument scheme"

16.40 Anna Wessman (University of Helsinki): "Collaborating with metal-detectorists: lessons learned"

17.10–17.30 General Discussion (Sessions 1-2)

19.00 Conference dinner



Session 3 (Chair: Raz Kletter)

9.00 Keynote Tawfiq Da‘Adli (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem): "Community archaeology in a conflict zone – the project in the city of al-Ludd/Lod"

9.45 Gideon Sulimani (Neve Shalom): "Three cases of community archeology in Israel"

10.15 Coffee/tea break

10.40 Hamdan Taha (Al-Istiqlal University): "Community archaeology at Tell Balata, Palestine"

11.10 Marzia Merlonghi (University of Udine): "On people’s side: archaeology and communities under occupation in Palestine"

11.40 Allison Mickel (Lehigh University): "The cost of invisible labor: local workers in the past and present of Middle Eastern archaeology"

12.10-14:00 Lunch

Session 4 (Chair: Marta Lorenzon)

14.00 Keynote Shatha Abu-Khafajah (The Hashemite University): "Beyond colonial archaeology and neoliberal heritage-based projects: Creative engagement to bridge the gap between people and archaeological sites in Jordan"

14.45 Arwa Badran (Durham University), Shatha Abu Khafajah (The Hashemite University), Maria Elena Ronza (Sela for Vocational Training and Protection of Cultural Heritage), Robin Skeates, Ross Wilkinson (Durham University): "How to engage the youth in learning about their multicultural past: lessons from Jordan"

15.15 Maria Elena Ronza (Sela for Vocational Training and Protection of Cultural Heritage): "Do communities have a role in “community archaeology” in Jordan?"

15.45 Coffee/tea break

16.10 Safa'a Joudeh (American Center of Oriental Research, Amman): "Digital heritage and it’s role in enriching the level of engagement with specialist and non-specialist audience (Jordan as case study)"

16.40 Päivi Miettunen (University of Helsinki): "Days of future past – roles of historical narratives and interpretations of the past in the construction of local identities in southern Jordan"

17.10-17.30 General Discussion (Sessions 3-4)

17:30-18:00 Closing discussion

18:00 Closing reception



9.00 Excursion Suomenlinna Fortress Island