Susanna Melkas, assistant professor, neurological rehabilitation. University of Helsinki.
Hanna Jokinen, clinical researcher, adjunct professor, neuropsychology. University of Helsinki.
Anne Koivisto, professor, neurology, memory disorders. University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland.
Anne Remes, dean, professor, neurology. University of Oulu.
Timo Erkinjuntti, professor emeritus. University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki
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Welcome to the Symposium

The more advanced old age, the more Alzheimer’s, vascular and other pathologies coexist. Cerebral small vessel disease, including defect glymphatic circulation, is a common accompaniment of aging and contributes to neurodegeneration. Stroke initiates vascular exacerbation that increases the likelihood of a clinical dementia diagnosis in patients with subclinical Alzheimer’s disease. Especially in the elderly, incident ischaemic cerebrovascular disease relates to clinical expression of dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology. At the time of the first signs of cognitive impairment the patient must be encouraged to optimize the control of vascular risk factors, including life-style modification when needed, but even other solutions to prevent neurodegeneration await to be revealed.

Helsinki is an internationally acknowledged center of vascular cognitive impairment research, as the base of the Helsinki Stroke Aging Memory -study (SAM) lead by professor Timo Erkinjuntti, and as a center that participated in the Leukoaraiosis and Disability (LADIS) multicenter study. Future collaborations on neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment are needed and encouraged. The upcoming international symposium engages both national and international experts in an interactive network striving to find solutions for prevention and treatment for cerebral small vessel disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

We hope to meet you virtually in October 2021!

The Organizing Committee

Themes of symposium include:      

  • Neuroinflammation
  • Glymphatic system
  • Genetics
  • Imaging
  • Serum and CSF biomarkers
  • Neuropsychology
  • How to prevent progression of white matter changes
  • How to prevent transition from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease
  • Treatment perspectives