Hauge, Mari Torsdotter: Thinking the Cold War from the sidelines: Scandinavian left‐wing intellectuals and the circulation of their foreign policy ideas.

Inspired by Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang's recent work on centre‐periphery relationships in the intellectual and cultural fields, I have been inspired to include this dimension in my own doctoral research on the transfer of ideas in Scandinavian left‐wing intellectuals' networks in the early Cold War period. My dual starting points are two groups of intellectuals centred around the journals Orientering in Norway and and Dialog in Denmark in the 1950s. The intellectuals in these milieus were connected with each other, and with several other cultural and intellectual fields in Europe and beyond. In my research, my aim is to study the transfers or criss‐crossing of their ideas across the continent and between the groups in Scandinavia in an attempt to understand how ideas develop, change, and are communicated in different fields. In the proposed talk at the Inclusion/Exclusion conference in Helsinki I will focus on the idea of a Scandinavian third standpoint position in the Cold War conflict, with special attention to the Scandinavian intellectuals' self‐perceived position within their field (which I will argue is peripheral), and how this influenced their thinking and communication.