Wednesday 7 November (chair Mikko Sams)

13:00 Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki) & Mikko Sams (Aalto University): Welcome on behalf of the organizers and introductory remarks

13:20 William M. Reddy (Duke University): “Problems of Change and Periodization in the History of Emotions” (response by Saana Svärd)

14:20 Heini Saarimäki (Aalto University): “Neural Basis of Emotions: Experimental Methods in Affective Neuroscience” (response by Mikko Salmela, University of Helsinki)

15:20 Coffee

15:50 Krista Lagus (University of Helsinki): “Rhythms and Themes Related to Fear and Joy in Finnish Social Media”  (response by Mikko Sams)

16:50 Jussi Pakkasvirta (University of Helsinki): “National Emotions and Stereotypes in Finnish Social Media: Case Latin America” (response by Krister Lindén)


Thursday 8 November (chair Krister Lindén)

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Ville Vuolanto (University of Tampere): “Hope and Everyday Life: Emotions and the Future in the Roman World” (response by Andrew Crislip)

11:30 Andrew Crislip (Virginia Commonwealth University / University of Helsinki): “Feeling Like a Christian in the Roman Empire” (response by Ville Vuolanto)

12:30 Lunch (on your own)

14:00 Ulrike Steinert (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz): “Perceptions of Selfhood in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Body, Emotions and Identity” (response by Johannes Bach, University of Helsinki)

15:00 Tero Alstola, Heidi Jauhiainen, Aleksi Sahala, and Krister Lindén (University of Helsinki): “Language Technological Analysis of Emotion Words in Akkadian” (response by Ulrike Steinert)

16:00 Concluding discussion