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Monday 25 October

10.00 (UTC+3) Conference opening
10.15 (UTC+3)

Keynote lecture

Professor Kate Fisher (University of Exeter): "I couldn’t find myself in history. No one like me seemed to have ever existed." Who needs the History of Sexuality?

See professor Fisher's introduction and lecture abstract.

Chair: Senior Research Fellow Satu Lidman (Tampere University)

11.30 (UTC+3) Break
12.00 (UTC+3)

Parallel session 1: Methods and sources to cover silences and rumors

Chair: Hannah Yoken

  • Tuula Juvonen: Rainbow Dictionary: Accessing queer history through digitized newspapers
  • Kirsti Salmi-Niklander: Loud silences - studying the controversial life of Kasperi Tanttu (1886-1918)
  • Rebeka Põldsam: From myths about homosexuality in Soviet Estonia to historical narrative

Parallel session 2: Gender diversity and trans histories

Chair: Jan Wikman

  • Amy Jefford Franks: Double the Burial, Double the Queer: Two Queer Interpretations for the Inhumatio
  • Signe Bremer Gagnesjö: In search of community: How the Swedish pornmagazines Raff, Paff and Piff served as trans friendly sites of hope during the 1960ties
  • Elizabete Elīna Vizgunova-Vikmane: Perception of trans persons in contemporary Latvia: public opinion survey results
13.15 (UTC+3) Break
14.00 (UTC+3)

Parallel session 3: Sexual health and authority

Chair: Kaarel Piirimäe

  • Miina Keski-Petäjä & Matleena Frisk: The shift to modern contraceptive attitudes and recognition of premarital birth control needs in Finland from the 1950s to 1970s
  • Jens Rydström & Lena Lennerhed: When the state won’t do: Self-help groups in the Swedish AIDS epidemic 1982-2000
  • Anna Ratecka & Justyna Struzik: The Politics of condoms. Doing HIV/AIDS and sex work activism in post-state socialism

Parallel session 4: Lesbianism, female homosexualities and women’s same-sex affections

Chair: Joonas Säntti

  • Lene Laitinen: Same-sex affections in Toini Topelius’ novel for girls in the late 19th century
  • Tone Hellesund: The longing for home
  • Runar Jordåen: “A case of homosexuality in a woman.” Female same sex desire in rural Norway
15.15 (UTC+3) Break
15.30-17.00 (UTC+3)

Keynote panel discussion: The histories of homosexualities in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Chair: Senior Lecturer Tuula Juvonen (Tampere University)


  • Associate Professor Andrés Brink Pinto (Lund University)
  • Professor Tone Hellesund (University of Bergen)
  • Associate Professor Uku Lember (Tallinn University)
  • Senior Researcher In­eta Lipša (University of Latvia)

See speakers' introductions.

 Tuesday 26 October

10.00 (UTC+3)

Parallel session 5: Sexual desires, sexual knowledges

Chair: Leena-Maija Rossi

  • Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen: Queer Ritual Play among Vikings and Afro-Brazilians
  • Jenny Sundén: The pull of the recent past: Tracing sexual deviance in Swedish online kink
  • Laura Saarenmaa: Short-lived Play: Trans-European Travels in Sex Edutainment
  • Kitti Suoranta: Hidden Intimacies: Traces of Queer in the Social Networks of Older Finnish Men

Parallel session 6: Sexuality, body, and activism

Chair: Rebeka Põldsam

  • Varpu Alasuutari: Navigating the Affective Landscapes of Christian Queer Activism in Finland
  • Hannah Yoken: Locating Nordic Lesbian Feminism: The Femø Women’s Summer Camps
  • Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen: Invisible women in ‘women-friendly’ Norway: The Lesbian Bus Campaign, 1988
  • Anna Puhakka: Turning to queer possibilities: A reparative reading of Finnish body positivity
11.45 (UTC+3) Break
12.30 (UTC+3)

Keynote lecture

Postdoctoral Researcher Julian Honkasalo (University of Helsinki): Desiring gender: care as a radical political concept in 1960s Nordic trans activism

See Dr Honkasalo's introduction and lecture abstract.

Chair: Associate Professor Johanna Rainio-Niemi (University of Helsinki)

13.45 (UTC+3)

14.30 (UTC+3)

Parallel session 7: Negotiating sexual pasts in the present

Chair: Riikka Taavetti

  • Heidi Henriikka Mäkelä: The Sex-Related Kalevala-Metric Poetry in the Finnish Media in the 21st century
  • Kate Sotejeff-Wilson: Erikoissuomalaiset*: narrating queer history with new Finns
  • Satu Lidman: Rooting out harmful attitudes and violence: a training for school professionals

Parallel session 8: From sexual outlaws to model citizens: The intersections of queer sexualities and nationalism at the margins of the Nordics

Chair: Elsi Hyttinen

  • Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir: The Gay Capital of Iceland: ‘Sexual refugees’ in Copenhagen and Danish influence on early identity politics
  • Hafdís Erla Hafsteinsdóttir: Recovering the HIV/AIDS crisis in Iceland in post-AIDS times: Stories of pink sheep, A-bombs, (in)gratitude and more
  • Íris Ellenberger: The construction of the gay consumer in Icelandic magazines 1990–2010


15.45 (UTC+3) Break
16.00 (UTC+3)

Parallel session 9: Round table: Queer(y)ing kinship in the Baltic region: A retrospective on Conversations, contestations, collaborations

Round table discussion participants

  • Ulrika Dahl
  • Joanna Mizielińska
  • Raili Uibo


Parallel session 10: Sexuality and identity in arts and media

Chair: Una Bergmane

  • Susanna Paasonen, Mari Pajala, Laura Saarenmaa: Monsieur Mosse: camp, shameless, othered
  • Kari O. Silvola: Darkroom; development of portraits of a hockey player, dancer, photo model, and Tom of Finland in a writing laboratory and the predictions of a face recognition algorithm in constructing, representing, and concealing masculinity; A sensitive poetic inquiry utilizing digital data.
  • Janis Ozolins & Karlis Verdins: "Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown": Embodied Affects of Atis Jākobsons



17.15-17.30 (UTC+3) Closing the conference