Viikki Monday seminars

Viikki Monday Seminars are now HiLIFE webinars! Given the extraordinary circumstances that restrict travel and personal contact, the Viikki Monday and Biomedicum Helsinki seminars have joined forces and organize together HiLIFE Webinars. During fall 2020 and spring 2021 HiLIFE webinars continue the tradition of inviting outstanding, international scientists to present their work to the broad audience of the life science community.

In the future, when circumstances allow, we plan to return to the traditional on-site seminars boosted with webinars. Prestigious Viikki Monday Seminars cover biosciences from molecules to ecosystems and are organized by a team of researchers and attended by life science area students, post docs and scientists from the university and partner organizations.

Call for speakers is held annually in, we look for leading scientists to present their work to the broad audience. Nominations are welcomed from principal investigators, scientists, postdocs and PhD-students. Inquiries regarding vacant slots can be made throughout the year and should be directed to the academic team or to Anu Luoto (

Current and upcoming schedule, please see HiLIFE webinars.

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