Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at the event are Professor Cecilia Lundholm from Stockholm University and Professor Annalisa Sannino from Tampere University.

Annalisa Sannino is Professor in the Faculty of Education and Culture at Tampere University. She holds visiting professorships at Rhodes University, South Africa and at University West, Sweden. Her research career includes appointments in American, French, and Italian universities. Her work develops and brings into use the Finnish tradition of cultural-historical activity theory to foster participatory analyses of major societal challenges in close collaboration with stakeholders and practitioners. Her focus is on activities undergoing critical transformations and what these transformations entail in terms of collective agency and learning. Beside the authoring of numerous journal articles, she has served as the leading editor of several special issues and edited volumes in management, education and psychology.

Annalisa's keynote for FERA Conference on Education 2020 is titled: "Learning and Enacting Utopias of Sustainability".

Cecilia Lundholm is Professor in educational science with a specialisation in teaching and learning in the social sciences at Stockholm University. Lundholm’s research interests concern conceptual change and instruction in climate, environmental and geography education and the social sciences (civics, economics and political science). A particular focus concerns the role of social science knowledge in relation to climate action and for developing agency and hope among students.

Cecilia's keynote for FERA Conference on Education 2020 is titled: "Knowledge, learning and climate change – fostering agency and hope".