Conference postponed until 2021

In light of the ongoing uncertainty and worldwide effects of COVID-19, The Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative (EXALT) has decided to postpone its in-person international scientific conference, "Concurrent Crises and Sustainable Futures: Global Extractivisms and Alternatives" which was set to take place at the University of Helsinki on October 20-23, 2020. The conference will be postponed by a year to October 25-27, 2021.

The health and safety of our valued colleagues and speakers is of paramount importance to us and by making this decision at this time, we hope to minimize any stress or inconvenience for our participants and partners. 

Arguably, a lot of the value of academic conferences results from the in-person and chance meetings among the attendees and speakers. Relationships created and strengthened during scientific conferences build the sense of community, support social well-being and may result in invaluable synergies for critical and novel knowledge-production. However, we want to make sure that it is safe to have these interactions, which is why we will be postponing our in-person event to October 25-27, 2021.

Regarding abstract submissions: We will send an e-mail with more information directly to those participants who have submitted an abstract. 

Now more than ever, there is a need to continue to embrace new ways of thinking around the multiple concurrent crises resulting from extractivist practices. We feel that the pandemic should not divert the research community from collaboration and knowledge-creation, but rather fortify the focus and strengthen our communities so we can help to provide the tools and understanding needed to continue to change our world. 

That is why in the place of the postponed in-person conference, EXALT is hosting an online event, EXALT Symposium 2020 - Extractivisms and Alternatives, which will take place on the original conference dates in October 21-23, 2020. The event is a series of convivial discussions on different aspects of global extractivisms and alternatives, featuring roundtable discussion with some of the world’s leading scholars working on extractivism. More information on the Symposium.



Conference on October 25 -27, 2021, Helsinki, Finland

EXALT hosts an international scientific conference "Concurrent Crises and Sustainable Futures: Global Extractivisms and Alternatives" at the University of Helsinki, City Center Campus on October 25-27, 2021. Stay tuned for more information later this year.