Programme of the International CoCoLaC-Conference

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Venue: University of Helsinki, Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40 / Fabianinkatu 39, common room in the 6th floor

18.00-20.00: Get together 



Thursday, March 22, 2018

8.30- Registration (Main buildung, new side, 2nd floor)


(Konsistorisali) Opening: Hartmut Lenk (Coordinator of CoCoLaC)

Ulla Tuomarla, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Head of the Department of Languages


(Konsistorisali) Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen

Comparing language use in social interaction


Coffee break


Section 1a (Konsistorisali)

Jan Lindström & Catrin Norrby & Jenny Nilsson & Camilla Wide

When culture makes the difference:
Com­paring Swedish communicative patterns in Sweden and Finland

Section 1b (sali 6)

Magdalena Adamczyk

The Discourse Marker Now in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective


Sofie Henricson & Marie Nelson

Peer-to-peer praise in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish university inter­actions

Marge Käsper

Un marqueur de l’évidentialité à l’usage des historiens et des linguistes. Conditions d’usage et moyens de traduire


Katharina Beuter

“That’s what I mean!” – Repair in Eng­lish as a lingua franca interaction between Tanzanian and German school student

Begoña Sanromán Vilas

Do evidential markers always convey epistemic values? The case of the Iberian Romance reportatives


Lunch break (restaurant Piano)


(Konsistorisali) Anna-Maria De Cesare

Mapping the discourse functions of focus adverbs: Italian in a comparative perspective


(Konsistorisali) Patricia von Münchow

Approaching discursive cultures through words and through silence. A study in Cross-Cultural Discourse Analysis


Coffee break


Section 2a (Konsistorisali)

Jean Bazantay & Chantal Claudel

Empathie et réconfort en français et en japonais :  autour de quelques formes ritualisée

Section 2b (sali 6)

Chihsia Tang

A socio-pragmatic study of Chinese complaint: Exploring the interplay of gender, power, and distance


Anamaria Gebăilă

Intensificazione e attenuazione proposizionale nei dibattiti elettorali in Francia, Italia e Romania

Pawel Urbanik

Context assessment and convention: Re­questing practices in Polish and Nor­wegian from a socio-cognitive perspective


Anu Treikelder

Les verbes modaux de nécessité dans les questions : les verbes devoir français et pidama (‘devoir’) estonien en contraste

Elena L. Vilinbakhova

Russian Tautologies in Translation: a Corpus Study


Conference dinner (restaurant Salutorget )

Friday, March 23, 2018


(Konsistorisali) Jörg Kilian

Gesprächswörter von ach bis oh und ihre dialogpragmatischen Funktionen. Erkundungen aus historischer, sprachenvergleichend-interkultureller und sprachdidaktischer Perspektive


Coffee break


Section 3a (Konsistorisali)

Tuuli Holttinen

“Je devrais vous demander quelque chose” – external modification in native and non-native requests


Section 3b (sali 7)

Renate Pajusalu & Helen Hint & Tiina Nahkola & Maria Reile & Piia Taremaa

Two experimental approaches to reference in Estonian, Finnish, and Russian


Sinikka Lahtinen & Outi Toropainen

To apologize in L2 Finnish and L2 Swedish as learner language

Mari Wiklund & Martti Vainio

Prosodic Features in the Speech of Finnish- and French-Speaking Boys with Autism


Emmanuella Bafua Annan

The impact of the nature of interaction during stay in France on the use of the tu and vous forms of address

Hans Giessen & Rogier Nieuweboer

A Comparative Study of Anglicisms in German and Dutch Newspapers


Vicent Beltrán-Palanques

Interlanguage pragmatics in conversation:
Speakers’ simultaneous talk from a
multimodal perspective

Maryam Mohammadi

A contrastive analysis of the use of biscuit conditionals as answers


Lunch break (restaurant Piano)


(Konsistorisali) Francisco Yus

Cyberpragmatics of interactions through locative media


Final discussion (Konsistorisali)