Rules for Panels/Participants

Some technical tips and rules for our conference participants:

  • The participants of this conference is limited to people who have signed up for the conference. Registration form will be sent out in May. In general, participants are from the following groupings 1) keynote speakers;  2) presenters; 3) chairs and discussants;  4) board members of Nordic Association of China Studies;  5) main staff from Nordic Institute of Asian Studies; 6) volunteers/trainees who help out throughout the events; 7) limited number of registered participants.
  • You can access the conference through the Zoom desktop client, web browser or mobile app. We recommend downloading the desktop version beforehand.
  • Click the links to join. Please check that your internet connection is reliable/strong enough, as even small disruptions can disconnect you from the video conference.
  • There are zoom links and passcodes for accessing different panels/events in the conference (NO WAITING ROOM). YOU CANNOT SHARE THE INFORMATION WITH ANYONE, for security reasons. Our conference is only for registered participants. It is not for the public nor for general teaching for students, unless specifically stated in the programme. 
  • When you enter the zoom meeting, please put down your full name (First Name and Family Name Both) so that people know who you are. (On zoom, go to “participants”, and then find your name there. Click “more” and then “rename”. This way you can put down your full name). If our conference assistants do not see your full name and suspect this is an outsider not belonging to the conference, the assistant has the right to remove you from the event).
  • Filming/recording these events is not allowed, unless permission is given by the chair of the panel in advance. (Exception: three keynote speeches will be recorded and published online later.)
  • Before joining the conference events, make sure that your mic and camera are working. Please mute your mic when you are not speaking.
  • Have your camera on when speaking and make sure that you have good lighting and a suitable background. We recommend you to place your camera at the same level as your eyes. 
  • During your speech, please keep an eye on the time, and speak only during your allocated time slot. 
  • If you are presenting in a panel, please join your panel around 15 minutes before it starts. Conference assistant will help you check the mics and cameras and make sure everyone knows how to use the screen share tool. (Conference assistant will be in the panel 20 minutes before it starts). 
  • If you are a participant in the conference, you can change panels in the middle of an event as you wish.
  • During the conference, if you have inquiries, please email to “”.

Tips for panel chairs:

  • Each panel’s chair decides  1) whether presenters in the panel should circulate their papers in advance or not 2) format to comment on each other’s work. It could be that speakers will take turns to discuss others’ papers. Alternatively, one person can be assigned to comment on all presentations in the panel 3) If someone wants a recording of a panel, ask the panel’s chair and presenters directly.
  • Each panel’s chair decides whether presenters will submit powerpoint slides before conference or not. Chair panel communicates with presenters directly on this matter. If anyone wants a speaker’s slides, please directly email the speaker after the conference. 
  • During the Q&A, participants will use the chat. It is the responsibility of the chair to moderate the discussion using the chat.
  • If slides/share screen do not function well, chair has the right to tell the presenter to speak without slides. Time is limited for each panel. We simply cannot waste a lot of time to fix small problems. Chair has to ensure his/her panel can run as smoothly as possible. 
  • To make sure the events can run smoothly and on time without delay, the chair should strive to end his/her panel AT LEAST 5 minutes before the ending time so as to give people enough time to move to the next panel.  Conference assistant will remind the panel chair of the time and make sure there is no delay in finishing the panel. 
  • The closing event is from 14:45 to 15:00 (Helsinki time) and it is directly following the Roundtable discussion listed on the programme. It is recommended that participants in the last panel can finish earlier and move to the Roundtable discussion, if they wish to attend the closing event.
  • We have a conference journalist (Pierantonio La Vena) who is in charge of taking pictures of panels. He moves from panel to panel to take pictures. We also have 3 students (Erika Kosonen, Ira Kolkkinen, Julia Keipi) serving as conference assistants during the conference.