Conference programme with abstracts of all papers and rules for panels

Thursday 10 June, 2021         

The time is Finnish Helsinki Time. It is 1 hour ahead of Central European Time.





Julie Yu-Wen Chen (University of Helsinki): chair of conference

Duncan McCargo (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies): co-operator of the conference

Tiina Airaksinen (University of Helsinki): co-chair of conference


Keynote speech by William A. Callahan, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics

Visualizing China, Visualizing the World


Keynote speech by Camilla T. N. Sørensen, Associate Professor of Political Science, Royal Danish Defense College

Analyzing Main Drivers behind Chinese Foreign and Security Policy in the (Post-)American World Order


Panel 1 China’s Rise and its Impact on Southeast Asia and South Asia

Chair: William Callahan (LSE)


Panel 2 Cycles, Progress, Ruptures:

Conceptual Articulations of Change in Chinese Intellectual History

Chair: Hilde De Weerdt (Leiden University)


Panel 3 China’s Rise and its Impact on Korea’s Future

Chair: Stephen Ranger (University of Turku)




Panel 4 China in 2020

Chair: Matti Puranen (National Defense University)


Panel 5 China’s Use of Economic Power and its’ Manifold Backlashes

Chair: Mikael Mattlin (University of Turku)


Panel 6 China’s Influence in the Asia Pacific

Chair: Kamilla Szczepanska (University of Turku)


Panel 7 China’s Rise in the Global Arctic

Chairs: Sanna Kopra (University of Lapland) & Liisa Kauppila (University of Turku)


Panel 8 Citizen-State Relations:  Feedback Mechanisms and Public Reactions to Policy Developments

Chair: Monique Taylor (University of Helsinki)


Panel 9 Gender in China & its Lesson for Asia: Land Right, Forced Migration and Matriarchal Society

Chair: Pia Eskelinen


Public Event: In China’s Shadow? Two New Books on Southeast Asia

This is part of the “China’s Rise/Asia’s Responses” Conference, but it will be open for the public who are not taking part in this conference. If you have signed up for the conference, you do not need to register for this public event. Otherwise, please do register here by 5 June (or copy and paste

Friday 11 June, 2021                                                    




What is the future for the AsiaPortal and e-resources collection for Chinese studies? Inga-Lill Blomkvist, NIAS Library & Information Center


Keynote speech by Mette Halskov Hansen, Professor of China Studies, University of Oslo

Ecological Civilization: Chinese Dream or Global Strategy?

11:00 -12:30

Panel 10 Belt and Road Initiative

Chair: Camilla T. N. Sørensen (Royal Danish Defense College)


Panel 11 Digital China

Chair: Mette Halskov Hansen (University of Oslo)


Panel 12 Democratic Movements & Protests

Chair: Dusica Ristivojevic (University of Helsinki)




Panel 13 History, Literature and Sinology

Chair: Guowen Shang (University of Bergen)


ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Asian Public opinion on China in the age of COVID-19 & Conclusion of the conference

14:45-15:00 We will have a brief conclusion for the conference directly in this roundtable.


NACS General Assembly (open to NACS members ONLY)


NACS Board Meeting (open to Board Members ONLY)