Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24, Common Room Third Floor

In collaboration with:

The Indigenous Studies Programme, Department of Cultures, Humanities Programme, Collegium for Advanced Studies and the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Helsinki, and The Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington, Seattle.

Indigenous Studies

Pre-event: Power, Indigenous Leaderships and Governance in Latin America

15-16:30 o’clock

Think Lounge, Think Corner, 2nd  floor, Yliopistonkatu 4

Discussion event on the recently published books "Vivir Bien as an Alternative to Neoliberal Globalization" (Routledge, 2018) and "Indigenous Perceptions and Changing Forms of Leadership in Amazonia" (Colorado University Press, 2017). The books are presented by Eija Ranta (Development Studies) and Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen (Indigenous Studies), with Lucas Artur Manchineri from Brazilian Amazonia. We invite you to discuss, how Indigenous governance is realized and what types of leaderships have emerged in Latin America.

Refreshments and wine will be offered.

Workshop in Nuuksio National Park (for invited speakers only)

12.00 Pickup from Scandic Grand Marina Hotel

13.00 Tour of the Haltia visitor centre

14.00 Short hike to a laavu, coffee, snacks and a talk by a ranger

15.30 Sauna at Lake Kaitlampi

  • Workshop in Nuuksio  sponsored by the Indigenous Studies Programme, University of Helsinki

10.00 The Symposium opens

Welcome Address: Rani-Henrik Andersson

Greetings from Antti Pentikäinen, Special Envoy to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä

Greetings from the University of Helsinki by Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri

10.20 Keynote Speech by Joshua L Reid: “Beyond Dispossession: Indigenous Peoples & Nationally Protected Spaces of Nature”

11.00 -12.30 SESSION 1: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Parks and Indigenous People

Chair: Antti Korpisaari

Sami Lakomäki: “Parks for What and for Whom? A Brief History of National Parks in Finland”

Elsa Reimerson: “Sámi Space for Agency in Protected Area Discourses”

John W. Janusek: "Rights to Sites: Indigeneity, Nationalism, and Struggles over Cultural Patrimony in the Bolivian Altiplano"

12.30-13.25 LUNCH at the Collegium

13.30-15.00 SESSION 2: Indigenous Sustainabilities and Protected Spaces of Nature

Chair: Joshua L. Reid

Aslak Paltto: "Traditional Knowledge in Sámi Reindeerherding Clashes with Predator Preservation and State Laws in Finland"

Lucas Artur Brasil Manchineri and Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen: "Beyond Borders: Territoriality of the Yine Manxinerune Hosha Hajene – an Amazonian Indigenous People in Voluntary Isolation"

15.00 COFFEE at the Collegium

15.30-17.00 SESSION 3: Indigenous Agency and Presence in National Parks

Chair: Harri Kettunen

Brad Coombes: “PERSONifying Indigenous Rights in Nature? – Treaty Settlement and Comanagement in Te Urewera National Park, Aotearoa/New Zealand.”

Antonio Cuxil: “Indigenous People, Land, Jungle and National Parks”

Janine Ledford: "Makah Traditional Territory and Resources—on Reservation and within the Olympic National Park"

17.00 RECEPTION at the Collegium Hosted by the Collegium of Advanced Studies

Greetings by the Director of the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies Tuomas Forsberg

18.30 DINNER at Allas Sea Pool Bistro (for invited speakers only)

  • Dinner sponsored by the Humanities Programme, University of Helsinki

9.00-10.30 SESSION 4: A Look at the Past as a Gateway to the Future

Chair: Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen

Boyd Cothran: “Enclosing the Commons: Indigenous Peoples & National Parks in the Pacific Northwest, 1870 to 1970” 

Hanna Guttorm: “Revitalizing the Connection with the Earth - in/through/with Sápmi”

Julianne Cordero: "Tending to our Families: The Syuxtun Plant Mentorship Collective and the Return of Food and Medicine Sovereignty among the Coastal Chumash"

10.30-10.45 BREAK

10.45-12.15 SESSION 5: National Parks and Indigenous People, co-operation or not?

Chair: Rani Andersson

Donal Carbaugh: “Blackfeet Voices in Blackfeet Country (Glacier National Park)”

Teresa Romero: “Collaboration - Paths to Land Restoration and Recovery”

Meaghan Peuramäki-Brown: “People, Animals, Protected Spaces, and Archaeology: A Case Study in Collaboration from Belize, Central America”

12.15 -12.30 FINAL WORDS: Rani-Henrik Andersson

12.30 LUNCH at the Collegium

13.30-15.00 Workshop for participants (Future collaboration)

15.00 Those who are interested can also attend Jussi Pakkasvirta Seminar

19.00 DINNER (for invited speakers only)

  • Dinner sponsored by the Department of Cultures, University of Helsinki