Lab visit on Friday

On Friday, after the conference, we will arrange a visit to the laser labs of the Chemistry Department, University of Helsinki. The visit will include the following labs:

Time of the lab tour: Friday 10.6.2022 @ 12:00 -14:00
Place: Chemistry Department (Chemicum), A.I. Virtasen aukio 1, 00560 Helsinki.

Transportation from the harbour to Chemistry Department will be organized. Also, coffee and sandwiches will be served before/after the lab tour. If you wish to join the tour, please fill out the registration form by 29th of May.

The Chemistry Department is located between the city center and Helsinki airport. You need about 20 - 25 min to go to the airport by taxi, or to reach the city center by public transportation. 

To lab visit registration (DL 29.5.2022)