The Rise of AI Society -workshop is organized by RN 24 (Sociology of Science and Technology Network) of the European Sociological Association. The workshop is taking place in Helsinki, May 23th and 24th, 2022. The call for papers has closed in January 21st.

For this workshop, we have invited presentations which examine AI and/or digitalized society, and their consequences in everyday life. Possible presentation topics may include, but is not limited to:

  • AI/digitalization and governance
  • Algorithmic culture
  • AI/Digitalization and privacy/surveillance
  • AI/Digitalization in different professions such as healthcare, law, and transportation
  • The design of AI systems and building of algorithms and machine learning models
  • AI at home
  • Restructuring of activities for the application of AI, for example in a workplace
  • The role of AI/digitalization in organizational change
  • Implications of AI/digitalization in knowledge production
  • Methodological approaches to study AI, data and digitalization

For further information please contact Aaro Tupasela (aaro.tupasela@helsinki.fi) or Heta Tarkkala (heta.tarkkala@helsinki.fi)

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