Pre-conference workshop timetable

3D photogrammetry workshop 30th of May- 3rd of June 2022 in Tvärminne Zoological Station

Link to the: Tvärminne Zoological Station

Workshop in 3D photogrammetry

Price 200€, includes transportation Helsinki - Tvärminne - Helsinki, accomodation, meals and workshop.

Pickup from the hotel Mon 30.5.2022 8AM 

Returning to the hotel Fri 3.6.2022 6PM

More info will be send to the participants via e-mail.

3D photogrammetry has become one of most frequently used recording tools for both archaeology and maritime archaeology. This user-friendly technology allows archaeologists to record submerged cultural heritage in short time. However, often, 3D photogrammetry is used only for visualizing archaeological sites and not fully exploited its potential for scientific researches.

This photogrammetry workshop is specially designed for archaeologists, maritime archaeologists, and divers who help scientific research projects: participants shall learn skills to create accurate 3D digital photogrammetric models in various conditions, scale and geo-reference created 3D models, methods to extract different scientific data from 3D digital models, and ways to share those 3D models with the general public.

The workshop is intensive and consist of five full working days. It is designed to train archaeologists to be photogrammetry experts in few days. All curriculums are composed for both archaeologists working on dry land and under water. However, two days of the workshop are designated particularly for underwater photogrammetry recording.

Course plan:

Day 1: Introduction - Your First Photogrammetric Modeling

Photogrammetry for Archaeological Projects: Possibility of Digital 3D Models; How to Take Photos for Photogrammetry; Your first Photogrammetric 3D Modeling with Agisoft Metashape (PhotoScan); Creating the best photogrammetric models.

Day 2: Video-Frame Photogrammetry and Artefact Photogrammetry

Video-frame Photogrammetry: 3D Modeling Using Video Footage; Small Tips: Batch Processing, Disabling Half-images, Re-connecting Path, Photo-Cataloging using Photogrammetry, and Editing Textures; Sharing Your 3D models Part 1: Creating Simple Animation, PDF files, and High-Resolution Screen Capture Images; Photogrammetry for Artefacts; Sharing Your 3D Model Part 2: Sketchfab Tutorials

Day 3: Photogrammetry for Archaeological Sites

Creating Local Coordinates System for Your Archaeological Sites; Photo-Shooting Practice on Sites; Practical Training: Processing Data, Scale-constrain, Geo-referencing, and Merging an Entire Site with Excavated Small Areas

Day 4: Photogrammetry for Underwater Shipwreck Sites and Exploring Different Photogrammetry Software (RealityCapture)

Creating Underwater Local Coordinates System using CAD software (Rhino3D); Practice to Create Underwater Coordinate System using Shipwreck 3D Models; Explore RealityCapture Photogrammetry Software; Using both PhotoScan and RealityCapture to create a possibly the best model

Day 5:  Beyond Pretty Pictures: Post-processing Data for Archaeological Analysis

Creating Digital Elevation Maps and Contour Maps for Site Plans; Instant Sketch-like Conversion for Artefact Drawings (Photoshop); Instant Conversion to Create Site plans from 3D models (Rhino); Monitoring Archaeological Site: Point Based Deviation Analysis (CloudCompare); Extracting Section Profiles; Intergrade Digital Recording into Archeological Projects


Course instructor:

Kotaro Yamafune, PhD, graduate of the Nautical Archaeology Program in the Anthropology Department at Texas A&M University. His research interests include shipbuilding in Medieval Europe and the European Age of Discovery, and ship reconstruction both manually and through the use of digital tools. He also focuses on photogrammetric recording of submerged cultural heritage and expands his study interest to museology for nautical and maritime archaeology.