17th – 18th of June 2021, Helsinki, Finland
17th – 18th of June 2021, Helsinki, Finland

43rd Nordic society for Veterinary Pathology Virtual Symposium

Dear Colleagues!

We are arranging a virtual 43rd NSVP Symposium during 17th-18th June 2021.


Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases in the Nordic Countries

What is an emerging or re-emerging disease?

OIE: An emerging disease is defined as a new infection resulting from the evolution or change of an existing pathogen or parasite resulting in a change of host range, vector, pathogenicity or strain; or the occurrence of a previously unrecognised infection or disease. A re-emerging disease is considered an already known disease that either shifts its geographical setting or expands its host range, or significantly increases its prevalence.

WHO: An emerging infectious disease is one that either has appeared and affected a population for the first time, or has existed previously but is rapidly spreading, either in terms of the number of individuals getting infected, or to new geographical areas. Many EIDs are zoonotic in origin, which means that the disease has emerged from an animal and crossed the species barrier to infect humans.

Digitalisation in Veterinary Pathology

What is digitalisation?

Digital pathology includes the process of digitizing histopathology slides and the analysis of these digitized whole-slide images (WSI) using computational approaches, from computer-assisted image analysis to machine learning tools and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to improved analytics, WSIs admit of easy sharing and consultation as well as archiving of the histopathology slides.


  • Thursday 17.6, 9.20-18.00 (UCT 2)
  • COVID-19 in animals (Tarja Sironen)
  • COVID-19 in mink (Anne Sofie Hammer)
  • Neuropathology of COVID-19 in man (Liisa Myllykangas)
  • Pathology of COVID-19 infections in man (Jonas Kantonen)
  • Slide seminar and oral presentations
  • AI-solutions in Veterinary medicine (Aiforia, presentation)
  • AI for digital diagnostics and analysis of whole-slide images (Johan Lundin)
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Friday 18.6, 9.15-16.30 (UCT 2)
  • Zoonotic pathogens in imported dogs (Heidi Rossow)
  • Zoonosis situation in Nordic countries: each country short presentation of disease situation
  • Slide seminar
  • Cryptosporidiosis (Kristiina Suominen and Leena Seppä- Lassila)  
  • Tick borne diseases (Tarja Sironen)
  • Slide seminar and oral presentations

We will be posting updates and new information soon!

If you have any questions regarding the virtual symposium, please contact us: kristel.kegler@helsinki.fi/heli.nordgren@helsinki.fi

We look forward to see you online (zoom)!