Practical information


Owing to the pandemic situation, the 18th International Saga Conference is being postponed to 7–14 August 2022. Because of the new schedule of the conference and the hybrid option, we have reopened the call for papers. For those who have had proposals accepted, we ask that you visit the link we have provided by e-mail to your original proposal and complete a questionnaire concerning whether you currently think you will participate physically, remotely, or both. The hybrid format is both new for the conference and presents many challenges, and your answers will give us at least a rough idea of what people are thinking to help us plan accordingly. We invite those who wish to update your original topic to propose a new abstract on or before 31 July 2021.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

Some basics about the event

7 August (Sunday): Registration and reception in Helsinki

8–9 August (Monday–Tuesday): Full conference days in Helsinki

10 August (Wednesday): Excursions in Finland and Estonia

11–12 August (Thursday–Friday): Full conference days in Tallinn

13–14 August (Saturday–Sunday): Post-conference excursion

The confernce will organize travel by ferry for all participants between countries.

Participants are responsible for their own hotel reservations. These should be planned according to the country of your excursion day. If you will spend Wednesday in Finland, you will stay in Finland on Tuesday night. If you will spend Wednesday in Estonia, you will stay in Estonia on Tuesday night. Recommendations for hotels will be provided with the fifth circular.

Basic information about coming to Helsinki can be found here.

Basic information about coming to Tallinn can be found here