Local Alumni Clubs

Local Alumni Clubs are groups established by former students under the auspices of the University of Helsinki Alumni Association. Such clubs enable their members to participate in alumni activities no matter where in the world they live.

What do local Alumni Clubs offer?

  •     The presence of the University of Helsinki in your community
  •     The opportunity to network with other University alumni
  •     Networking opportunities with researchers and people in business in your area
  •     Events where you can meet top researchers in several fields from the University of Helsinki, in for instance climate change research and medicine

Who can participate in the Clubs?

Anyone who has been admitted to pursue a degree, has conducted research or has held a position or post at the University of Helsinki can participate in the alumni activities coordinated by the Alumni Association.

Examples of events organised by local Clubs

  •     Science and Practice: Researchers and alumni participate in a panel discussion on a topical issue approached from scientific and practical perspectives
  •     University of Helsinki Evenings: Club-led visits to local sports and cultural events
  •     Wine and beer tastings
  •     Networking lunches

The University of Helsinki’s alumni are everywhere, but how do they find each other? The answer are the local clubs of the Alumni Association. They bring alumni living in different countries and cities together and back to the University of Helsinki. The members are the ideal ambassadors to spread information about the University of Helsinki through their local networks to students, companies, and researchers at other universities.

The local clubs currently have a total of more than 400 members, and the number continues to  grow. The clubs operate independently, but with the solid backing of the Alumni Association. The Association and the University have supported the clubs in organising their first events, finding local alumni and creating club rules.  The local clubs are highly important to the University and the clubs are primarily intended for  alumni networking. Alumni can use the clubs to  make new friends or to reconnect with old ones, to  maintain their Finnish skills or to create new business opportunities.

Anybody who has studied or worked at the University of Helsinki can join the Alumni Association and its local clubs. With the link below you can apply for membership and choose the club or clubs of your choice. The Club Board will thereafter be in contact with you.


The Alumni Association of the University of Helsinki provides support for the establishment of local groups. If many alumni and friends of the University live in your area, and you want to be engaged and start networking,  please contact the Alumni Office.

Ope­ning gre­e­tings from Rector Juk­ka Kola for the Helsin­ki Uni­ver­si­ty As­so­ci­a­tion Chi­na Alum­ni Club.