China Alumni Club

Local Alumni Clubs are groups established by former students under the auspices of the University of Helsinki Alumni Association. Such clubs enable their members to participate in alumni activities no matter where in the world they live.
If you want to:
•    network with researchers and people in business in the Beijing area
•    keep in touch with the University of Helsinki
•    network with Chinese or Finns who live in the Beijing area
•    meet top researchers in several fields from the University of Helsinki, in for instance climate change research and medicine
•    get in contact with the embassy and learn about the development in Finland and Finnish business contacts in China
•    get six new contacts in Beijing with an academic background

then the Club events is something, that you should not miss out on!

The China Alumni Club will meet three times a year, mainly in Beijing, but also in other locations, for example Shanghai.
The China Alumni Club kicked off with one hundred participants at The Ambassador's recidence with the Ambassador Marja Rislakki as well as the President of the University of Helsinki Jukka Kola hosting on Saturday the 15th of October 2016.

The second event was arranged in the afternoon of March 18th 2018 at Peking University Law School Court Yard (Si Heyuan). The Club gathered to network and socialize with researchers, alumni from other universities and people in business from the Beijing area.


The Alumni Association's biggest local club is the Beijing-based China Alumni Club. Up to 150 alumni have participated in its events, and the club has 230 followers  in the Chinese WeChat social media service. Still, there is room for growth since there are more than 1,800 University of Helsinki alumni currently living in China. The University also hopes to see an increase in the number  of students attending the University of Helsinki and research done in cooperation with Chinese universities. 

The University has a good reputation among Chinese  researchers, but few students know about it. “Alumni and exchange students can promote the University of Helsinki by sharing their stories,” says Li Ying,  general-secretary of the China Alumni Club. Ying, a former student of the University of Helsinki,  now teaches Finnish language and culture and heads  the centers of Finnish and Nordic studies at Beijing  Foreign Studies University.

“The University of Helsinki is a top university, but its  location in Finland is also significant. Finnish culture is  important for students and researchers who wish to  study at the University, because the Chinese value it's  emphasis on freedom of research, equality, respect for  privacy, safety and security.”

The board of the China Alumni Club 2017-2018

CHEN Yifeng, LL.D, Assistant Professor, Peking University Law School Associate
Prof. Li YING, Dr. Phil, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Other members of the board are Xiaoyulong Chen, Harri Järveläinen, Qiao Mingqiang, Pauli Peräinen, Pekka Rislakki and Li Tian.

For further information:
contact person in Finland, Pia Österman, tel: +358 29 412 4916, email:
contact person in China, Li YING tel: +86 134 6654 3118  email:

The China Alumni Club uses a WeChat account for communication.

UHAlumni Chinese
WeChat account name: 赫大校友会UHAlumni
WeChat account: UHAlumni

Everybody with a degree, as well as persons who have taken only a short term study or just a training course at the University of Helsinki are alumni. All those who live or work in Beijing or visit regularly are welcome to join the China Alumni Club. We also warmly invite the families of our alumni to our get-togethers. Let’s make new friends and share our experiences of Helsinki and today in Beijing!

The members are encouraged to join the Alumni Association at the University of Helsinki because it will set a solid base for the financing of the China Alumni Club activities. You can join online or at an event.  Joining is voluntary and is not mandatory for taking part in the China Alumni Club events.

Chi­na Alumni Club
The dif­fe­rences in Chi­ne­se and Fin­nish educa­tion

Welcome to take part in The University of Helsinki China Alumni Club event on October 14th 2017 at 15:30-18:30. The event is at The Ambassador's residence, 30 Guanghua Lu BEIJING. You will have the opportunity to network and mingle with fellow alumni. Present will be persons who are interested in and work with implementing Finnish educational know-how.


15:30-16:15 Mingling and cocktails hosted by the residence and the club with key stakeholders in education present as well as researchers from the University of Helsinki.

16:05-16:15 The Ambassador Jarno Syrjälä as well as the President of the University Jukka Kola: Welcoming words

16:15-17:00 Joint discussion about the difference in Chinese and Finnish education followed by greetings by the head of the China Alumni Board, CHEN Yifeng, LL.D, Assistant Professor, Peking University Law School Associate.

16:15-17:00 Learning is meant to be fun! Learning trough playing for 3-8 children of the age of 0-5. During the discussion two teachers fluent in English from Dibi Academy play with the children in a separate room. Parents are welcome to participate.

17:00-18:30 Speed networking and buffet.

18:00-18:15 Director Johan Storgård presents the playful learning pedagogy.

18:15-18:30 Professor, Dr. Maija Aksela from the University of Helsinki presents the LUMA Centre China. The aim is to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology through the latest methods and activities of science and technology education.


Don’t forget your business cards. If your company or organization is interested in getting in contact with the alumni in the club, please do not hesitate to contact us.