Alumni Ambassador

With the help of the Alumni Ambassador program you are able to contact Alumni Ambassadors, that is, alumni of the University of Helsinki who want to help students find work. Registering is free for students and does not require membership in the Alumni Association.

1. Register as a student for the Alumni Ambassador program with the link below
3. Wait for approval and further information from the Alumni Office


Alumna in Theology, Noora Isoranta, HR Coordinator, Nuori Kirkko ryLinkedIn-profiili
"I'd be happy to help recognizing and shaping one's talent and skills"

Alumnus in Theology, Janne Keränen, Stakeholder and Interest Group Manager, Felm, LinkedIn profile
"I'd be happy to help students to bring out their know-how in a way that appeals to employers."

Alumna in Theology, Karolina Kouvola, Editor / Doctoral Student, Espoon kaupunginmuseo, LinkedIn profile

Alumnus in Theology, Markku Kotila, CEO, Finnish Bible Society, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Theology, Karoliina Pakkanen, Education Officer, University of Helsinki Faculty of LawLinkedIn profile
"My strenghts are in professions unrelated to the church or teaching. I can also discuss how to develop your skillset."

Alumna in Theology, Sari Vapaavuori, LinkedIn profile


Alumnus in Law, Taisto Hujala, CEO, Hujala Law, LinkedIn profile
"My strenghts are juridical knowledge and negotiation, performance, training and writing skills. I have also had a long career in the finance field."


Alumna of Faculty of Arts, Arja Suominen, SVP Communications and Corporate Responsibility, Finnair, LinkedIn profile

Alumnus in Archaeology, Jesper Wallenius, Information Service Specialist, The National Land Survey of Finland, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Art History and Educational Sciences, Riikka Haapalainen, Lecturer, Aalto UniversityLinkedIn profile

Alumna in English studies, Suvi Seikkula, Project Manager, Bellcrest Translations Ltd, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in History, Michaela Bränn, Entrepreneur and Research Coordinator, Bränn&Bränn and University of Helsinki, LinkedIn profile
"I can advice on things related to entrepreneurship."

Alumnus in History, Tapio Heiskari, Education Policy Adviser, Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liittoLinkedIn profile

Alumna in History, Katri Korolainen, Communications Manager, Nuori kirkko ry, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in History, Anniina Kuronen, Program Manager, Vlerick Business School, Belgium, LinkedIn profile 
"I am interested in helping students on their path to become international experts"

Alumnus in History, Mikko Myllykoski, Experience Director, HeurekaLinkedIn profile

Alumna in History, Pia Österman, CEO, Universiy of Helsinki Alumni Association, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Musicology, Helen Metsä, Back Office and Project Coordinator, StillArt Oy, LinkedIn profile
"I'd be happy to discuss career possibilities for generalists and to share my excperiences using social media as a tool when searching for a job."

Alumna in German Filology, Anni Siltanen, Advisor, Kemianteollisuus ry, Board Chair, AFS & EFIL, LinkedIn profile
"My strenghts are building networks, education issues and internationality"

Alumna in French Filology, Katju Helminen, HR specialist, LinkedIn profile
"My strength is my international career."

Alumna in Gender Studies, Tuuli Vuori, Communications and Advocacy Specialist, Peace Union of Finland, LinkedIn profile

"I can especially help with questions related to work in organizations."


Alumnus in Georaphy, Teemu Hentunen, Graduate Affairs Alumni Analyst, King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologyLinkedIn profile
"I am ready to help especially in relation to questions about international careers."

Alumna in Computer Science, Laura Karhu, UX Designer,, LinkedIn profile
"Haluan rohkaista erityisesti naisia (mutta myös kaikkia muita) it-alalla, että kaikille löytyy sopiva osa-alue teknisestäkin maailmasta."

Alumnus in Computer Science, Aaron Ding, Assistant Professor, TU Delft, LinkedIn profile
"Glad to share international opportunities and perspectives with our students at University of Helsinki."

Alumnus in Computer Science, Sebastian Sonntag, Chief Technology Officer, Netradar, LinkedIn profile


Alumna in Medicine, Kati Myllymäki, CEO, Finnish Medical Association, LinkedIn profile
"I can help to develop your administrative and leadership skills."


Alumnus in Molecular Biosciences, Snehadri Sinha, Technical Assistant, EV Core, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Biochemistry, Carmela Kantor-Aaltonen, Director, Finnish Bioindustries, Senior Advisor, Kemianteollisuus ry, LinkedIn profile
"I've had a long career in both the university and in the third sector and am willing to share the experience I've gained. I have an outlook on what kind of skills employers are looking for."


Alumna in Educational Sciences, Riitta Hiltunen, Development manager, Government ICT Centre Valtori, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Educational Sciences, Kirsi Santala, Teacher, Tuusula municipality, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Educational Sciences, Nelli Rovamaa, HR Scpecialist, VALA Group, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Educational Sciences, Marika Weckström, HR & Recruitment Lead, Codento, LinkedIn-profile


Alumnus in Philosophy, Ville Tura, Head of Marketing, KTC Finland Oy, LinkedIn profile
"A lot of students in their final stages might have doubts whether their studies will be useful in their career or not. I can also help by reading and commenting CVs and application letters."

Alumnus in Economics, Uki Lammi, Global Concept Lead, Nordea MarketsLinkedIn profile
"My strenghts as a professional are in finance: banks and Markets. I also have experience of management consulting."

Alumna in Economics, Anna Mahlamäki, International Business Development Manager, SOLEMO Oy, LinkedIn profile

Alumnus in Economics, Jaakko Meriläinen, PHD Student, Stockholm University, LinkedIn profile

Alumnus in Economics, Lauri Ström, Portfolio Manager, OP, LinkedIn profile
"I would like to advise especially on questions related to employment in the field of finance"

Alumnus in Economics, Arto Ojala, Consultant Entrepreneur, AVEPO Oy, LinkedIn profile
"Economic policy, labour market policy, municipality policy and entrepreurship are my strenghts."

Alumna in Economics, Eeva Toivonen, ESG Analyst, Kuntarahoitus OyjLinkedIn-profiili 
"Olen perehtynyt erityisesti kestävän rahoituksen, vastuullisen sijoittamisen, yhteiskuntavastuun, yritysvastuun ja kestävän kehityksen teemoihin. Autan mielelläni ketä tahansa myös esimerkiksi henkilöbrändäyksen kysymyksissä."

Alumna in Communications and Political Science, Saara Harjula, Deputy Head of Helsinki EU Office & EU Policy Manager, Helsinki EU Office, LinkedIn-profiili

Alumnus in Political Science, Peter Seenan, Content Writer and Strategist, Finnair, LinkedIn profile

Alumnus in Social Sciences, Reidar Wasenius, CEO, Finnish Business Angels Network, LinkedIn profile

Alumna in Social Sciences, Sole Molander, entrepreneur, The JuicePLUS+ Company ApS, LinkedIn profile
"I would particularly like to give advice on questions related to entrepreneurship"



Alumna in Veterinary Medicine, Tuula Honkanen-Buzalski, Senior Advisor, TLBona Oy, LinkedIn profile 
"I can give advice regarding leadership, specialist and researcher positions"


Alumnus in Political Sciences, Jaan Siitonen, Political Advisor, Svenska Bildningsförbundet, LinkedIn profile
"A succesful Finn also speaks Swedish - Svenska öppnar oförväntade möjligheter."

As a member of the University of Helsinki Alumni Association you are able to volunteer to share your experiences with current or newly graduated students from the university.

Alumni Ambassadors give feedback on students CVs and LinkedIn profiles and help them make connections to apply for work. The Ambassadors also answer simple questions that students might have regarding work or skills needed in a certain field of work.

The Alumni Ambassadors are volunteers and give recommendations based on their own experience and knowledge.

In Finland we are challenged by the fact that young people with an academic degree are not always employed to the optimal position to which their education would make possible. The alumni are highly motivated to help the current students to be employed.

The Alumni Ambassadors program is a process for the supply and demand to meet in an efficient way even if the alumnus and the students do not have the possibility to meet face to face.

The endgoal is, that students and young alumni at the University of Helsinki will find employment better, faster, and more accurately to positions that are optimal in regards to their education.

HYA Alumni Ambassador video

Students apply to the Alumni Associations closed LinkedIn group where the Alumni Ambassadors are already registered. On this page you'll find examples of volunteering alumni who you can contact by sending a specific LinkedIn message that you receive after registration. Register here as a student.

The Alumni Association has developed a process whereby the Ambassadors recognize the messages that are sent by the students. We have also developed the tools by which the Ambassadors can announce in their LinkedIn profile that they are willing to help. Register as an alumnus here.

There is a process by which we can make sure that none of the Alumni Ambassadors is overloaded with help requests. The Alumni Office processes all additional requests made by the students. The Alumni Association has an active middleman role and work as facilitator to support the Alumni Ambassador program.

Visit the University of Helsinki Alumni Association Company Page and apply to the closed LinkedIn group

Alumni: If you haven’t applied for membership in the Alumni Association, you need to do it first here

Students: current students at the University of Helsinki can join the closed LinkedIn group for free to find Alumni Ambassadors

Membership status and student status will be confirmed by the University of Helsinki Alumni Association.