The Aleksanteri Institute promotes Finnish research in the field of Russian and Eastern European Studies. We cultivate domestic and international research networks and encourage dialogue with other actors of the Finnish society. Our scholars are success­fully carrying out innovative research projects with a variety of domestic and international funding sources. 

Our approach is multidisciplinary and comparative, and follows the six focus areas determined in our research policy

  • Political system: regimes, governance, and law
  • Culture, values, and intellectual histories
  • Climate change and environment
  • Transnational security
  • Innovations and drivers of economic development
  • Social stratification, inequality and welfare policy

Our researchers publish in the best international disciplinary and area studies journals, as well as in established Finnish journals. See the University of Helsinki research portal to get acquainted with our research profile and recent publications. The Aleksanteri Institute also has its own publication series Studies in Contemporary Russia published by Routledge. 

Bethween 1997–2015, the institute ran an in-house publishing house entitled Kikimora Publications. Kikimora published peer reviewed edited volumes and monographs, including 23 PhD dissertations. Kikimora Publications stopped being active in 2015, but many of the works are still available via