Added value from Area expertise

Are you planning to do your master's at a Finnish university? Would you like to specialise in Russian and Eastern Europe? A multidisciplinary network for master's students opens new opportunities to create and deepen valuable expertise.

The Aleksanteri Institute at the University of Helsinki coordinates a network of 12 Finnish universities, ExpREES: We offer a multidisciplinary, 2-3 years study programme suitable for students of various disciplines from the humanities to business and technology. These studies offer numerous advantages when pursuing diverse positions in the academia, public administration, or business life. Contact teaching, online courses, summer schools and excursions help you in finding your strengths and developing your career, not to mention completing your master's thesis!

Nationwide education since 1998

The uniqueness of ExpREES lies in its nationwide network, flexibility and multidisciplinarity. ExpREES studies are available for students from a wide variety of academic disciplines, as long as they are enrolled as graduate students in any of the twelve universities in the network (see How to apply). ExpREES is also exceptional thanks to its historical perspective: the programme has been running since 1998 (as Master's School in Russian and East European Studies). Its teaching, organisation and activities have been developed systematically, based on the feedback from students and teachers for twenty years. To date, over 600 masters have graduated from the programme and the alumni can be found working as specialists both on private and public sectors all the way to ministers and high officials.

Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies (ExpREES) differs from degree programmes in that

  • The expertise studies are part of the student’s Master’s degree in one of the network universities.
  • Students are enrolled to their home universities while carrying out ExpREES studies. ExpREES studies include both compulsory (15 cr) and optional (minimum of 10 cr) courses on Russia and Eastern Europe arranged by the network universities. Students independently choose the most interesting and relevant optional courses for their own degree.
  • Student’s master’s thesis (30-40 cr) has to be related to Russia and/or Eastern Europe. The main supervisor comes from student's own field of study in her/his home university. In addition, ExpREES offers multidisciplinary Master's thesis seminars for ExpREES students. These seminars are designed to complement seminars in student's own field of study offered by her/his home university.
  • Students graduate from their home university, so the degree is awarded by one of the network universities. ExpREES students get an additional certificate for completing the ExpREES programme.

The ExpREES is coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute, Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies, at the University of Helsinki.