Aleksanteri Conferences 2001-2006

The first annual Aleksanteri Conference was arranged in 2001 under the title of Aleksanteri Seminar. it was renamed Aleksanteri Conference in 2002. Here you can find information on the early conferences, 2001-2006.

6th Annual Aleksanteri Confrence, 5 October, 2005 at the University of Helsinki, Finland
"Constructing New Identities in Transforming Europe Enlargement and Integration: are they compatible?" 

Programme of The Aleksanteri Conference 2006 (pdf)

Conference publication: Constructed Identities in Europe 
Edited by Markku Kangaspuro 
Aleksanteri Series 7:2007
ISBN 978-952-10-4096-2

5th Annual Aleksanteri Confrence, 10-11 November, 2005 at University of Helsinki, Finland
"Reflecting Transformation in Post-Socialist Rural Areas" 

Keynote speakers and commentators:

  • Eugenia V. Serova
    Russian Agri-Food Economy: Today and Tomorrow (ppt)
  • Commentator: Alexander Bedny (ppt)
  • Katalin Kovács
    Land and Usage Structures and Their Impacts on Rural Livelihood in Central Europe (ppt)
  • Commentator: Mati Sepp (ppt)
  • Arunas Poviliunas
    Lithuanian Local Community Movement as Resistance to Rural Exclusion (ppt)
  • Commentator: Ilkka Alanen
  • Martins Roze
    New EU-members and Challenges Facing European Rural and Agricultural Policy (ppt)
  • Leo Granberg
    Roundtable discussion, opening words (doc)

Programme (pdf)
Workshop Programme (pdf)

4th Annual Aleksanteri Confrence, 11-12 November 2004 at University of Helsinki

Programme of The Aleksanteri Conference 2004 (pdf)
Conference publication:
Proceedings of the conference were published in the Aleksanteri Papers Series, 2:2005 Russia and the CIS - Janus-faced Democracies, Edited by Kimmo Elo and Katja Ruutu

3rd Aleksanteri Conference 2003, November 7th-8th, 2003 
"Discovering the Concepts of Russian Nature: Means for Understanding Russian Culture and Environmental Policies"

2nd Aleksanteri Seminar (later Aleksanteri Conference)  November 29, 2002 
"Western Aid and Advice to Eastern Europe – Effects and Side-Effects"

1st Aleksanteri Seminar 
"Dimensions of Russian Regionalism"

Proceedings of the conference were published as: Beyond the Garden Ring: Dimensions of Russian regionalism 
(Kikimora Publications 2002, Markku Kivinen and Katri Pynnöniemi, eds.)