Programme structure

The Bachelor's programme in Science comprises 180 credits, which can be completed in three years, in accordance with an approved personal study plan. The degree includes

  • 15-30 credits of mandatory common studies in basic math, basic computer science and statistics
  • 15 credits of transferable skills courses that help in orienting yourself towards working life, and a group work course introducing modern science topics studied at the Faculty
  • 10 credits of language studies, comprising 4 credits of academic English and 6 credits of basic courses in Finnish or Swedish (for students with a matriculation exam from a high school with teaching in Finnish or Swedish, 3 credits of Finnish and 3 credits of Swedish at an advanced level)
  • 60-105 credits of basic and subject study courses
  • 10 credits of a final seminar (4 cr) and bachelor's thesis (6 cr)
  • 35-50 credits of other courses according to your study track and personal study plan

The programme includes on the BSc level a thesis of 6 credits, which is a short (about 15–20 pages) literature study on a timely subject written following scientific standards and referencing practice.


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