Master's studies

A BSc degree provides the eligibility to apply for positions that require a first-cycle academic degree.

Students admitted to the Bachelor’s Programme in Science have the right, after completion of the BSc degree, to continue in one of the nine MSc programmes of the Faculty. These programmes cover the full range of modern natural sciences from pure math to chemistry and are, with the exception of the specialisation lines, taught in English.

The MSc programmes in which a continuation from the science BSc degree is possible within the same faculty are 1. Mathematics and Statistics, 2. Life Science Informatics, 3. Atmospheric Sciences, 4. Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences, 5. Materials Research, 6. Theoretical and Computational Methods, 7. Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, 8. Computer Science and 9. Data Science. Each MSc programme has its prerequisite requirements for entrance, and the choice of the BSc study track determines which MSc programme the student will be able to continue in.

The study counsellors will aid the student during the first and second years of studies in setting up a personal curriculum that ensures entrance to the desired MSc programme. In most cases, several options can be kept open until the third year. For instance, a student choosing the physics study track will be able to continue in at least the Atmospheric Sciences, Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences and Materials Research programmes. Courses offered in the third year of the BSc programme serve as an introduction to these MSc programmes, and the student can make his/her choice after taking these courses.

After completing an MSc degree, you can apply for a doctoral programme at the University of Helsinki and at other universities in Finland or abroad. For more information, please see the Doctoral Education at the University of Helsinki website.