Two tracks

The programme has two tracks:

  • General track
  • Research track

You select the track when applying for the programme, and it determines the degree requirements. The difference between the tracks is that the Research track aims at providing more profound knowledge of economic theory and econometric methods, whereas the General track emphasises fields and applications of economics, and it is possible to include more optional studies in the degree. The Research track provides preparation for doctoral studies in economics, and its degree requirements contain most of the doctoral-level core courses in economic theory and econometrics. Taking these courses already as part of the Master's degree facilitates faster graduation from the doctoral programme later. When selecting students to the doctoral programme in economics at the University of Helsinki, graduates from the Research track are given precedence. The Research track is also recommended if you are interested in taking the more demanding core courses to acquire more profound knowledge of economics even if your ultimate goal is not to pursue doctoral studies.